A big box of more than 4000 ready to use resources for busy teachers (Key Stage 1 to A Level)
SKILLS CHECKS - free samples

Weekly skills checks and record sheets for Key Stage 1 and Year 4 to Year 13.
6 Different 'levels' for Key Stage 4

TOPIC RESOURCES - free samples

Bingo Games, Treasure Hunts, Multiple-choice Quizes, Settler Activites, 4 Question Starters and 30 Question worksheets

NUMERACY -free samples

A collection of resources to promote fluency : Times tables Square, Bingo games, tests, Treasure Hunts, Numberup, Directed numbers, Decimals


Topic based resource to print or project with 3 sets of differentiated questions and answers

QUICK COVER - free samples

A collection of lessons, each lesson has a set of 40 questions, an examples/hints sheet and the solutions

PROBLEM SOLVING - free samples

An increasing collection of questions to either print or project, with the recent addition of Structured Questions

STARTERS - free samples

Starter activities and challenges to project including the popular Number Detectives, Ski-Runs and Warmups

GCSE- free samples

A collection of GCSE resources for revision including bingo games, trasure hunts, relays, problem solving etc

A LEVEL- free samples

A collection of resources including the new AS/A2 weekly skills checks and the popular topic based starter/plenary 3 questions to project resources

Great value for money with a school subscription costing only £55 +VAT for 12 months.
Single user subscriptions for individuals also available for only £30 + VAT for 12 months

Just added......

☆ Volume and Surface area of frustums - mixed resources

☆ Relative Frequency mixed resources

Coming soon

Year 3 Half term 2 Skills - should be on by Tuesday

☆ AS and A Level Statistics Skills Checks

Numberup type resource to project

Exit 'tickets'


Please let me know what you would like to see or see more of on Mathsbox over the coming months....requests always welcome

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