SKILLS CHECKS - free samples

Weekly skills checks and record sheets for Key Stage 1 and Year 4 to Year 13.
6 Different 'levels' for Key Stage 4

TOPIC RESOURCES - free samples

Bingo Games, Treasure Hunts, Multiple-choice Quizes, Settler Activites, 4 Question Starters and 30 Question worksheets

NUMERACY -free samples

A collection of resources to promote fluency : Times tables Square, Bingo games, tests, Treasure Hunts, Numberup, Directed numbers, Decimals


Topic based resource to print or project with 3 sets of differentiated questions and answers

QUICK COVER - free samples

A collection of lessons, each lesson has a set of 40 questions, an examples/hints sheet and the soltuions

PROBLEM SOLVING - free samples

An increasing collection of questions to either print or project, with the recent addition of Structured Questions

STARTERS - free samples

Starter activities and challenges to project including the popular Number Detectives, Ski-Runs and Warmups

GCSE- free samples

A collection of GCSE resources for revision including bingo games, trasure hunts, relays, problem solving etc

A LEVEL- free samples

A collection of resources including the new AS/A2 weekly skills checks and the popular topic based starter/plenary 3 questions to project resources

Great value for money with a school subscription costing only £60 +VAT for 12 months.
Single user subscriptions for individuals also available for only £35 + VAT for 12 months

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