More than 1000 weekly skills checks, with student progress sheets and answers. The 10 questions to project or 20 question worksheets for each half term cover a set of specific 'skills'. The new Key Stage 1 collection has skills checks for the new 18/19 Framework at each of the three 'standards'

Key Stage 1

A collection of skills checks worksheets foir the new 18/19 Framework. Includes a student progress sheets and answers. Worksheets for each of the 3 standards.

Record Sheet

Working towards

Working at

Greater Depth

10 Questions

Sets of 10 questions to project for year 5 to GCSE with 6 different levels available for GCSE. Each half term the 10 questions cover the same 'skill's with student sheets available to record progress. The seconds slide shows the answers

GCSE Foundation

GCSE Higher

20 Questions

Sets of worksheets each with 20 questions covering 10 'skills each half term. Available for years 4 to GCSE (6 different levels for GCSE available)

GCSE Foundation

GCSE Higher

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