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Topic resources can be found by looking for a specifie topic or for a specific type of resource.

Question Generators

Endles sets of question to print as worksheets, exit tickets or project as questions or examples. Answers included

Fractions, Decimals, Percentages - Equivalence

Addition and Subtraction - Directed numbers

Expanding double brackets

Inverse functions

Multiple choices quizzes


Simplplifying an expression

Order of operations

Minimally Different Questions

Simplifying surds

Simplifying rational expressions


Bingo Games

30 questions to project bingo games with 40 different bingo cards or a do-it-yourself bingo card making option. Teacher checklist included for 'checking' the winning card.

Solving Linear Equations

Bingo Cards

DIY Cards



Treasure Hunts

Print out the 20 posters and 'stick' them on the classroom walls. Give each student a starting point. Answer the question on the poster and look for the answer at the top of another poster to work out the order of the treaure hunt. Can be used as a race or a timed challenge to add a sense or urgency!





The students work through the 20 questions, shading in their answers in the grid. When they have finished the 5 'unshaded' numbers in the grid should be recorded in the blank boxes. For the majority of the settlers the 'Target' is found by finding the total of the 5 boxes or for algebraic settlers the target can be the missing expression or solution in a pattern.

Percentages (14)

Nth Term (80)

Measures (510)

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