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What do our subscribers say about us?

“super value for money”


I absolutely love Mathsbox. A day doesn't go by that I don’t use it. Be it a bingo game for a treat at the end of the lesson, a retrieval starter or the differentiated tasks. It’s just so easy to use and pop on the board at any time in the lesson. Super value for money!

“essential companion for any maths department”


An invaluable resource for teachers. Mathsbox provides an extensive collection of resources and well-structured content covering the curriculum. This is an indispensable tool for teachers, lightening the workload whilst enriching the learning experience of students - an essential companion for any Maths Department!!

“skills checks are fab”


I’ve been with Mathsbox since the beginning and have introduced it to every department I have joined since then and without fail, it goes down a treat! The skills checks are fab!

“worth every penny”


Mathsbox is without a doubt the best value for money subscription for any Maths Department. So many quality resources for such a reasonable price...worth every penny!

“huge variety of resources”


Use it every day for reliable excellent resources. The variety of resources is huge but they are all thoughtfully written and easy to use.
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