free resources
Use the links below to try a very small sample of the resources available to our subscribers. There are a mixture of ready-to-use resources, to print or project, covering a selection of topics from Key Stages 2 to 5.
All of the resources are ready to slot into your lessons to provide variety, engagement and challenge.

Skills Checks

Great for recall and revision. Questions to print or project. Topics by year or pick your own sets.

Problem Solving

Structured and unstructured problems. The KS2 problems are in progress with more on the way.

Question Generators

Endless questions and resources to print or project at the click of a button. All with answers.

Bingo Games

30 question bingo games, ready make or create a custom game using the question generators

Differentiated Questions

Topic specific resource with 3 sets of differentiated questions (and answers) to print or project

Treasure Hunts

20 question Treasure Hunt challenges (A4 or small cards) great for engagement.

Multiple Choice

5 topic specific questions to project. Quick assessment or for identifying misconceptions


20 question tasks with the 5 extra ‘unchecked’ answers in the grid leading to the 'target'

M.D. Questions

A set of minimally varied practice questions to project to check/develop understanding

Quick Cover

Hints/worked examples, questions and answers suitable for a last minute cover lesson.

4 Questions to project

4 topic specific questions to project. Great as a starting point or quick assessment.

Exit Tickets

Ready to print, topic specific exit tickets with answers (6 tickets per A4 sheet)

Mental Arithmetic

The ever popular Number up, times tables challenges, decimals and directed numbers.

Starters and challenges

Number detectives to print or project, Ski Runs and warm up challenges.

GCSE specific resources

GCSE grade focused and general revision resources, treasure hunts, games and assessments.

AS and A Level

Revision notes, skills checks and topic specific 3 questions to project/print